What times are suitable for a first visit?
Check the Prayer Room Calender to see what prayer topics are available and what times a band is playing. For more information about the different sets, see Prayer Room.

Do I have to register if I want to come to the House of Prayer?
No, you can come and go at any time during opening hours.

Can I visit the House of Prayer with a group?
Yes, groups can come and go at any time. If you are a larger group and are coming for lunch or dinner, a reservation would be helpful. If you are interested in a guided tour, you can contact us.

Is there parking near hop Basel?
See contact & directions.

Are the premises accessible by wheelchair?
There are stairs in front of the hop. However, two rails can be put down, which makes it possible to go up and down with a wheelchair. There is a lift in the building.

Can I take my dog with me?
No, dogs are not allowed.

Can I come to the House of Prayer with my (small) children?
Yes, children are welcome in the prayer house. Next to the prayer room there is a small play corner with books and toys.

Where can I find out more about the program in the prayer room?
You can find the current program in the Prayer Room Calender. Under Events and Special Sessions you can check which events will take place in the near future and learn more about various offers.

Is there a quiet place where I can retreat to if it is too noisy for me?
There is a Silent Room on the 3rd basement floor where you can find peace and silence before God.

What does the cafeteria of hop Basel offer?
The cafeteria is a place for fellowship and exchange. During the opening hours of Taste&See, unserer bedienten Cafeteria, kann man Desserts, Tees, Cappuccinos und weiteres geniessen. Zu den weiteren Öffnungszeiten des hop Basels ist die Cafeteria in Selbstbedienung offen.

Are the offers of the cafeteria free of charge?
We would be grateful for a contribution towards the cost of coffee, drinks and food.

Are there any lunches/dinners?
Once a month we offer a dinner. The current dates are in the Taste&See calender.

Is hop Basel a church?
No, it is not a church.

Which denomination does hop Basel belong to?
The hop Basel does not belong to any denomination, but is cross-denominational.

For whom is the House of Prayer open?
The House of Prayer is open to all people, and coming and going is possible at any time..

In what ways can I get involved in hop Basel?
There are many different areas where you can get involved. For example, in the cafeteria, in technology, beaming, worship, etc. Come to our next hop Intro to learn more about the different possibilities.

Where/who do I have to contact if I would like to participate?
With this form you can contact us and we will invite you to the next hop Intro.

What is hop Intro?
It is an introduction to the history and vision of the House of Prayer and an evening where we can answer questions, discuss opportunities to get involved and get to know each other better.

How is hop Basel financed?
hop Basel is a non-profit association that is supported by donations.

Can I support hop Basel financially?
You can find more information under Donations and Partner/Investor.

What will my donations be used for?
The donations will be used according to the purpose of the association or, if desired, credited to a specific area or project.

How can I deduct my donations from my taxes?
We send a donation confirmation at the beginning of the following year, which is valid as proof for Swiss taxes. Donation confirmations cannot be issued for cash payments.